Marketing Technology Expo Awards

The Marketing Expo Awards - In association with Digital Doughnut

Digital Doughnut

Recognising The Very Best In Marketing

The Marketing Expo Awards are a celebration of the marketing innovations, tools, agencies and strategies to have made an outstanding impact on the world of marketing over the past 12 months.

There are four accolades up for grabs; with one winner chosen for each category by a panel of industry experts, thought-leaders and influencers.

Agency of the Future

Best Tech Innovation

Best Marketing Management Tool

Best Offline Marketing

Agency of the Future

This award recognises the fundamental role that agencies play in the way digital technology is changing the marketing landscape. It is open to agencies delivering services in B2B or B2C sectors - from full service and direct, digital and internet agencies to advertising, media and PR agencies. Finalists will be agencies demonstrating a future-proof strategy for their clients; delivering proven creativity and innovation to generate success for their clients.