The Innovation Awards 2016

Recognising The Very Best In Marketing

For the very first time, the B2B Marketing Expo will host the B2B Innovation Awards, a collection of accolades recognising the innovation and cutting edge design currently available in the sector that's helping to optimise marketing performance.

You can view the Judges here

The B2B Innovation Awards consists of four accolades rewarding the very best in marketing technology and innovation. The award categories are:

Best Product or Service for Content Creation Award 2016
Best Lead Generation Tool Award 2016

Recognition for the innovation that provides the most effective service for marketing teams, enhancing their marketing automation ROI and providing the most user-friendly experience possible.

Best Lead Generation Tool Award 2016 Winner: InsightBee


2016 Nominees

  • Akero Labs: Award Nominee

    Akero Labs

  • Anicca Digital Ltd: Award Nominee

    Anicca Digital Ltd

  • Clickoo: Award Nominee


  • drumBEAT Marketing: Award Nominee

    drumBEAT Marketing

  • Evosite: Award Nominee


  • Experian: Award Nominee


  • FreshMail: Award Nominee


  • Inbox Insight: Award Nominee

    Inbox Insight

  • Mailjet: Award Nominee


  • Sleeping Giant Media: Award Nominee

    Sleeping Giant Media

  • Stampwood: Award Nominee


  • Tableau: Award Nominee


  • Veoo: Award Nominee


  • Web Behaviour Specialists: Award Nominee

    Web Behaviour Specialists

  • Best Branding Product or Service Award 2016

    Honouring the most outstanding innovation in optimising a business’ branding strategy by enhancing communication and improving the delivery of their brand messages.

    Best Branding Product or Service Award 2016 Winner: The Marketing Pod

    The Marketing Pod

    2016 Nominees

  • Club Row Creations: Award Nominee

    Club Row Creations

  • Cognition: Award Nominee


  • Fireworx Limited: Award Nominee

    Fireworx Limited

  • indigoRiver: Award Nominee


  • Protocol Global Limited: Award Nominee

    Protocol Global Limited

  • Salamandra Design & Digital LTD: Award Nominee

    Salamandra Design & Digital LTD

  • Wing Lee Creative Ltd: Award Nominee

    Wing Lee Creative Ltd

  • Best Product or Service for Content Creation Award 2016

    This award recognises the product or service which has provided the very best in content creation for businesses, offering a tool that enhances their content and both draws in and captivates audiences.

    Best Product or Service for Content Creation Award 2016 Winner: Passle


    2016 Nominees

  • agent3: Award Nominee


  • Fudge Animation Studios : Award Nominee

    Fudge Animation Studios

  • On24: Award Nominee


  • Prezi Inc: Award Nominee

    Prezi Inc

  • Rock: Award Nominee


  • Sociabble: Award Nominee


  • Win Apps Factory: Award Nominee

    Win Apps Factory