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BrightTarget (A Sidetrade Company)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the enabling technology that can unlock the huge untapped potential in your business, to make the marketing function provably more focused, more relevant and more effective.

AI Driven predictive B2B marketing analytics gives you the insights to better understand your customers and identify their value to your business, so you can focus your marketing activity on the right customers, in the right way, to be maximally effective.

Our industry-leading SaaS predictive B2B marketing analytics platform, BrightTarget, empowers you to give your customers what they want, before they or even you know they want it - accelerating the process of winning valuable new customers, reducing churn and growing the value of customers.

Acquire More Valuable New Customers:

BrightTarget helps you optimise your sales & marketing activities across the entire sales funnel.

• Acquire better leads, close more of them and with less effort
• Predict your most valuable prospects to prioritise activity by value to improve efficiency
• Deliver better qualified leads to the sales function

Retain the Customers You Most Want:

BrightTarget identifies customers most at risk of churning with enough time to target re-engagement effectively with the customers you want most, lowering attrition.

• Accurately predict the customers who are most likely to leave or stop spending
• Identify potential churners with enough time to pro-actively intervene
• Optimise retention activities by focusing on them according to predicted Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Grow the Value of Existing Customers

BrightTarget identifies valuable up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, enabling you to capitalise on all of the potential in your customer base, driving revenue growth.

• Accurately predict the needs of your customers
• Identify upsell and cross sell opportunities at individual account level
• Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

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