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GDPR Design

GDPR Design Presents DataCAT: simple, low-cost, GDPR website application.

GDPR Design was created after we recognised the massive impact that GDPR is going to have on SMEs and the lack of high-quality, low-cost solutions to help companies comply. We have therefore developed a series of simple to use, cloud-based solutions to help SME businesses comply with GDPR.

Using our experience of the SME market, our understanding of compliance and knowledge of online applications, we are focused on removing the headache and ongoing challenges of GDPR, allowing organisations to focus on what they do best - their core business services.

Regardless of any claims, no software alone will allow you to be fully GDPR compliant. Specific arrangements for individual businesses will vary depending on objectives, customers and how data is collected. The software we have developed is designed to be configurable to support these specific arrangements.

Introducing DataCAT:

DataCAT is a simple, customisable web-based application that will allow businesses to be transparent in their approach to data regulations and how they process data for marketing and communication purposes.

DataCAT stands for Data Compliance Acceptance Tracking. Via a simple online editor, you will be able to design and implement a pop up on your website which can be applied in minutes. Through DataCAT, you will be able to promote your company`s data policies from a library of pre-loaded statements and choose how you collect, store and track website data in a manner that allows users to explicitly opt-in to their data being used for compliant and consensual marketing.

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