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Neuro-Insight is a consumer neuroscience company that uses a unique brain imaging methodology to measure subconscious responses to stimuli. We do about half our work for brand owners, looking at responses to brand communication in its widest sense, and the other half for media owners, looking at the impact of context on how we respond to communication. Consumer neuroscience gives a unique perspective on consumer response, based on subconscious factors that people are often unaware of, but which are often key drivers of behaviour.
We are one of the world`s leading neuro-research companies, combining a unique blend of neuroscience and commercial expertise. Our focus is on turning science into actionable insights that maximise commercial value for clients.
We use a unique technology - Steady State Topography (SST) - to measure how the brain responds to different types of stimulus. The approach is quantitative and is particularly well-suited to neuroscience-based market research; we carry our studies in a normal, everyday environment (not a lab) and can track rapid changes in brain function, allowing us to report on very short time windows.

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