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Ogury is the leading mobile data platform, providing the most comprehensive, 360 degree view of global user behavior across both app and mobile web usage. Its proprietary device-level data collection technology enables Ogury to build first-party mobile user profiles of unparalleled scope unavailable through any other network, now totaling over 400 million and counting across more than 120 countries. Powered by this data, Ogury offers monetization, targeting, and insights solutions for advertisers and publishers that not only deliver best-in-class results, but also enhance the mobile user experience through truly relevant ads.

Ogury`s machine learning targeting enables media agencies and brand advertisers to effectively reach their target users at scale, and significantly increase engagement rates and campaign performance. For app publishers, Ogury`s platform serves ads exclusively from non-competitive, premium brands, and offers the highest CPM rates in the industry. Ogury has international offices in the USA, UK, France, Italy, and Spain, working alongside all major media agencies, as well as the world's leading premium brands and publishers.

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