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Red Flag Alert

Red Flag Alert (RFA) holds detailed records on over 13m UK businesses. Each and every one is allocated a health rating. The rating is calculated using our unique algorithm which uses 42 known indicators to give a visual representation of a business health.

Data within RFA is refreshed daily so users can be sure they have access to the most up to date information available. Our customers use RFA to protect themselves from credit risk from existing customers and suppliers as well as identifying prospects that look like their best customers and are in good financial health so no time is wasted chasing customers who will not pass your Credit control standards.

By weeding out prospects that are poor credit risk you can ensure you sales team use their time more efficiently and focus on those that are more likely to be customers for the long term.

Our monitoring function allows you to put an unlimited number of companies on monitor and automatically lets you know if there has been any changes allowing you to take any action to prevent damage to your business.

With no hidden charges -all of our customers get full access to our database, RFA is business intelligence platform that will help you grow and protect your business

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