Jessica Fewless,


Jessica is a highly-regarded thought leader in the B2B marketing space, having coached hundreds of companies, from large enterprises to agile startups, on shifting to the account-based approach.

Informed by those discussions, she’s created over 20 hours of ABM Certification curriculum to help all B2B marketers learn the basics and best practices for building successful ABM strategies.

Jessica is uniquely positioned to offer advice on ABM adoption, sharing firsthand learnings from how she’s helped pioneer its usage at Demandbase.

Prior to Demandbase, Jessica held roles in product and partner marketing at Autodesk and Adobe, and in development and fundraising for a variety of local non-profits.

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Accelerating ABM Impact: The case for a Blended ABM Approach

The movement of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) from marginal to mainstream has been dramatic. ABM has now taken center stage with B2B marketing organisations of all shapes and sizes. The reality is that different approaches to ABM have emerged over the last few years and not everyone is speaking the same language. This session will cover the three main types companies are implementing today, why they all have their place in an integrated strategy, and how best to utilise them.