John Horsley


John Horsley is the founder of Digital Doughnut and Digital Marketing - the third largest group on LinkedIn and co-founder of both London Research and Demand Exchange. He has more than 17 years of digital marketing industry experience and has seen the industry grow from the early internet pioneers to today’s bustling marketplace. John is highly influential in the world of marketing and regularly judges both marketing and technology awards. Both the British Interactive Media Association and Drum magazine have ranked John as one of the top 100 people in the UK’s digital Industry, while business magazine Fast Company listed John in their top 50 most influential people on the web.

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Paying the Way Forward: Winning in Today’s Value Economy

Discover why businesses that provide utility and additional value beyond the limitation of their products or services will win in the value economy. Hear examples of how successful businesses have transitioned from broadcast to engagement, and why companies that don’t adapt and continue to shout for attention will be overtaken.