Jonathan McCarron


Jonathan has spent the last 15 years delivering Enterprise Solutions into Global Organisations. Currently the Sr. Director of Partnerships & Brands for Wayin a Digital Marketing Technology company owned by Silicon Valley legend Scott McNealy the ex CEO and Co Founder of Sun Microsystems. Originally from Glasgow, Jonathan is now based in London, where through his work at Wayin he is helping the worlds largest advertisers and media companies survive the ‘Ad Apocalypse’ through pioneering new ways to engage consumers with interactive experiences across many digital channels.

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Why Brands Are Shifting Billions From Ad-Interruptions To Interactive Brand Experiences

Consumers are not just frustrated by the bombardment of digital ads, static content and auto-playing videos, but they’re actively avoiding them. Even well placed ads, that are rich with relevant content get ignored. Marketers need to respond by incorporating interactive experiences into ad units, that build real relationships and engage once more. Only then will they rise above the noise, and become effective once more.