Misia Tramp


Misia Tramp, VP Customer Experience and Insight at global performance marketing agency Metia, has been in the business of understanding human behaviour for more than 20 years. She works at the intersection of data, insight, design, and technology to help enable world-class customer experiences and customer-centred programmes. She has a proven track record of combining traditional research, analytics, and linguistic and visual data to help drive insight and innovation across all aspects of the customer journey.

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Social Truth – Understanding the key attributes that drive the customer experience

Working in an era where customers are creating data all around us, it is becoming increasingly critical to understand how to use unstructured data to ensure a 360-degree view of B2B audiences. Do you understand the key attributes that drive the customer experience? Can you afford to let the potential of its value go untapped? To discover ‘social truth’, B2B marketing professionals require a system that gets beneath what customers say to what they really mean. Find out how linguistic and visual data is changing the future of research to deliver deeper engagement and lifetime customer value.