Sheila Mitham

Inbound Fintech

I’m CEO/founder of Inbound Fintech and have worked in the B2B industry for over 15 years, ultimately gaining experience in B2B marketing, branding, consumer behaviour, Inbound marketing and and becoming an award winning Google partner. In a climate where many agencies try to be everything and do everything, we’ve refined our service at Inbound FinTech, and become an award-winning, consistently growing agency. We’re a digital growth agency with a global client base.

Marketing isn’t about driving large volumes of traffic to a website and hoping it pays off, it’s about understanding a business, its goals, and creating a strategy which brings the right people to their website. We deliver growth campaigns suited to a business’ buyer personas. We create campaigns that really makes a difference to ROI and keeps working.

We use an inbound methodology because 70% of customers would rather get to know a company through content than ads. Inbound can also be 3x more effective, and cost 62% less, than traditional marketing.

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Drive ROI & reach business goals with a fully integrated digital footprint

The power has shifted to the consumer/customer, where consumers expect personalised targeted results in seconds. This climate demand for personalization is a driving force in the shift of power. Companies need to have a fully operational digital footprint to drive results and validate ROAS (return on ad spend). Inbound Marketing coupled with tagged and optimized content that serves solutions to your persona’s problems and drives conversions.