Tom Elgar


Tom is the co-founder of Passle, the Expert-to-Expert marketing platform. Passle enables bright, busy experts to leverage their knowledge. These experts use Passle to, engage key people in their prospective customers’ organisations. Tom’s clients include Deloitte, Hitachi, Everis, Grant Thornton (accountancy/consultancy), Close Brothers (Financial Services), NTT, SAP & Pega Systems (software), Ketchum (PR) and some 150 others.

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Expert To Expert Marketing – Leveraging Your Expertise For Business Development

Expert to Expert Marketing focuses on engaging with the needs of your key accounts and demonstrating that your expertise is uniquely suited to helping them. Knowledge is what differentiates your experts from the rest of the pack. This is difficult for firms as the Marketing team cannot easily demonstrate the ability of their Experts, which is so critical to the sales process. Tom Elgar of Passle explains how to leverage your internal expertise and differentiate yourself from competitors, ultimately driving sales and marketing success.