Theatre 24

Theatre 24 - Sponsored by flexRM

FlexRM are a consultancy specialising exclusively in Microsoft CRM solutions with silver partnership status. Our team of Microsoft CRM specialists boast a collective 50 years+ of experience, spanning 100’s of projects.

Wednesday 21st March

Thursday 22nd March


11.00 - 11.30

Sue Yoxall

What can Augmented Reality do for you?

What’s Augmented Reality all about? What’s its relationship to Virtual Reality? This talk will look at what you can do with AR now that will help your marketing objectives, with a glimpse at its future direction. Using live examples, it will look at how you can enhance CX with AR, and what user insight you can gain in the process. The presentation will be from a business rather than technical perspective and assume very little prior knowledge of the subject.


11.45 - 12.15

Marcus Pemberton

What B2B Marketers Can Learn From Billion Dollar Consumer Brands

Multi-billion dollar consumer brands are in the forefront of social listening, audience intelligence and advertising. During this talk, we’ll go through some of the tools, techniques and secrets which are within reach of all B2B marketers, regardless of budget. How do these global brands target specific audiences and use data to drive their product and creative strategies?


12.30 - 13.00

Sarah Cunningham

Creating True Business Impact with Social Media in 2018

2017 was the year social media evolved into a serious channel for marketers. Tying social spend to true business impact and proving ROI justifies this channel as a powerful arsenal for 2018. Sarah will discuss social media trends and what this means for advertisers in 2018. With a special focus on Instagram, she will provide practical tips on creating meaningful social media campaigns by integrating both organic and paid strategies.


13.15 - 13.45

Kevin Kiley

GDPR: How to Tackle Consent and Preference Management

Consent is an active area that many organizations are currently struggling with in GDPR (and ePrivacy). Consent impacts both B2B and B2C marketing activities, as well as deeper business activities that may require consent such as automatic decision making, processing special categories of data, or cross-border data transfers. This session will help clarify why consent is so unique in GDPR, when you do (and don’t) need consent, and practical case studies of how to tackle consent, re-consent, and preference management in practice.


14.00 - 14.30

Daan Reijnders

Why you will never again publish your content as a PDF

Daan Reijnders, CEO of Instant Magazine, aims to unleash a latent need, inspiring you to actually start engaging your audience like never before... He will explain why you should translate your current corporate communications and sales collateral into rich, personalized stories as of tomorrow. Engaging stories that are easily consumed by your audience on each device, tailored to your own brand identity. Last but not least, Daan will elaborate on what additional advantages digital publications have above currently used solutions such as print and PDF.


14.45 - 15.15

Peter Meinertzhagen

Domain Endings and SEO: What You Need to Know to Stay Ahead

The landscape of domain endings (top-level domains or TLDs) is changing. We’ve seen an influx of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), such as .blog, .london, .guru, and .BRAND gTLDs, giving consumers and brands more choice. But what are the SEO implications of this growing landscape? How does Google treat these new gTLDs? How can you successfully switch your domain without harming your SEO? This seminar will cover these questions and more.


15.30 - 16.00

Matt Johnson

Secrets of Building An Online Reputation

First impressions count. Your customers make most of their buying decisions before they even reach your website. Find out how you can influence their journey by learning the secrets of online reputation management.


16.15 - 16.45

Nasser Sahlool

Data is the Currency of Experience – Capturing the Habits of Modern Consumers to Supercharge your Marketing

Data is the currency of your customer’s experience. Customers are leaving signals and data trails about what they like and don’t like – are you capturing these ‘data currency’ opportunities? In today’s omnichannel world, it has never been more important to capture, analyse and understand these signals. Find out how to supercharge your marketing performance by evolving your data collection and analysis.